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PS is the best CCTV camera repair services provider and installation services provider company in Faridabad. More than 1,000 enterprises, universities, government facilities, and residential users rely on our CCTV surveillance camera systems. With a long warranty and limitless help from the industry's best tech support staff, you may enjoy higher-quality cameras.

Customer service always takes precedence over revenue for us. As a result, we guarantee on-time delivery. We give excellent customer service to answer all of your questions about security camera system installation and configuration in Faridabad.

When it comes to all-around security solutions at the most affordable prices like home and office security systems online at the best prices, you can count on us. We recognize that a few things are unavoidable, such as security. We are a Faridabad-based firm that offers CCTV camera sale services, repair, and DVR repair services, as well as the supply and installation of premium quality CCTV Camera & Surveillance Systems for Home & Business Security with complete Installation & AMC Service at an accessible price. Our loyal customer base and our staff of well-trained, immensely experienced, devoted, and hardworking specialists have helped us become one of the most trusted and prominent CCTV Camera Installation Companies in Faridabad in a very short period.

Our technicians create the finest possible CCTV camera & Surveillance Systems for their home and business security based on their needs and budget while maintaining the greatest possible CCTV camera quality. We offer intelligent, cost-effective, and customizable CCTV camera installation services, as well as a complete warranty, great after-sales service, and customer support.

How does it work?
The camera captures a series of images, which are then communicated as a signal to the recording device and display device. The video source is captured by the camera itself. A digital chip within the camera captures the light stream and converts it into a series of photos.

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